Book Note: Lucinda’s Solution by Nancy Roman

Book Note:  Lucinda’s Solution by Nancy Roman

I wanted to read Lucinda’s Solution to support a writing sister in my area and to find out what she writes about.  I was well rewarded for my curiosity.  I started reading and I couldn’t put the book down.  This is a historical novel with an excellent understanding of women’s issues during and after WWI when women were about to get the vote.  During much of the plot Lucinda doesn’t have much say even in her own family where her autocratic father makes the decisions about the lives of his children.  Roman brings the story to life, the condition of women, their trials and trumphs.  The characters are vivid and plot well-suited to bringing out the best in Lucinda.  I do love a bohemian solution.  Lucinda’s Solution reminds me of one of my all time favorites, John Knowles’ novel The French Lieutenant’s Woman.  Thank you, Nancy.


Author: Patricia Mitchell Lapidus

Anyone may walk down the road wondering who we are, how we are supposed to live, and what happens when we die. Some folks like traditional answers. Some folks don't want to spent their time thinking too much. I felt called upon to search these questions in depth and in some surprising places. Each of my books is a story or group of stories about what I found during a wide-ranging journey. My home state of Maine was a hard place to leave. But I knew I had to go. And if I didn't make it back home to Maine except to visit, I did find home in the comfort and joy of discoveries that washed away the pain that had started me on my travels.

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