Sleeping with the Enemy


No, the enemy I sleep with is not a dangerous husband.  My enemy is only doing what it was designed to do.  These enemy troops are likely the mold under my carpet in a senior housing apartment.  The management has agreed to replace the carpet with vinyl plank flooring.  Yeah!  (This was done quickly.  The picture above shows the new floor.)

Now here’s my story and a bit about allergies, the body’s immune system, and the national trend in flooring

Took me several years to see the pattern.  I’d go away and get over my symptoms.  Then I’d come home and they’d all start up again.  But I didn’t want to believe I was allergic to my home.  After all, I’m also allergic to tree pollen and weed pollen.  It wasn’t simple.

I’ll start when allergies first started to bother me.  I was in my sixties, had never had allergies.  Something had changed in my body and I didn’t know what.

First, though, I want to be fair to the pollen and mold and dust and mites.  They are only doing what they are supposed to do.  Along with bacteria and fungus and viruses, they are the cleanup crew nature sends to turn our used up bodies back into usable particles.  Life goes on.

Still, I wasn’t ready to have my body recycled.  I needed to know what had happened inside this body.  I didn’t want to die in mystery.

I found a doctor who put his finger on two problems that were now becoming severe.  One was that my birth only 14 months after my sister’s probably meant my mother’s body wasn’t ready to fully support the second pregnancy.  I was born skinny and screaming, she said, and only stopped when she gave me cow’s milk.  Her breast milk lacked the flora and fauna infants get from nursing.  The other source of my trouble was that my adrenals, stunted during an illness at age six, were becoming very tired and doing less and less of what adrenals do.  You need both digestive power and adrenal power for a powerful immune system.

When the flooring guy came to show me the samples and measure my apartment, he said that carpet sales are expected to drop 40% by the end of 2020.  He explained that the structure of the carpet prevents even the strongest vacuum from getting at all the dust and mold.  Looks like lots of people are finding themselves sleeping with the enemy.

Well, by the middle of this week, most of the enemy troops at my place will be carried out with the old carpet.  The new floor comes with a cushion that seals out moisture and dust and mold.  After that, I recover from my reactions, including a two-year chronic bronchial congestion.  I’ll feel well.  And you can, too.*

*Note:  I’m not a health professional.  Any statements I make here about health and the workings of the body are from a layman’s perspective.  But I have done a lot of research, something anyone can do now that we have resources at our fingertips.





Author: Patricia Mitchell Lapidus

Anyone may walk down the road wondering who we are, how we are supposed to live, and what happens when we die. Some folks like traditional answers. Some folks don't want to spent their time thinking too much. I felt called upon to search these questions in depth and in some surprising places. Each of my books is a story or group of stories about what I found during a wide-ranging journey. My home state of Maine was a hard place to leave. But I knew I had to go. And if I didn't make it back home to Maine except to visit, I did find home in the comfort and joy of discoveries that washed away the pain that had started me on my travels.

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